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the stars all shine for you [entries|friends|calendar]
please, lie to me some more

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[27 Jan 2004|08:00pm]
Friends Only.
and why?

Ive had a different lj since 8th grade, and ive had a main one since soph year. so why all the sudden in the middle of sr year am i running here to start another one that my friends/"friends" really wont know about?

they bother me.

it is a mutiney against me back at the ol' lj and im so sick of being limited, and fights starting cause i want to say something. ive tried and they have proven to not be able to handle it. so im going to sit here and type what i want. you cant comment about how im being mean to you, or whine about this or that about me cause if you read this you dont know me.

if you want added and i dont know you personally just leave a comment.

here we go.
sprinkle a handfull of plausible lies

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